Ventura County Emergency Planning Council Award
for Best Emergency Volunteer Program


Rob Hansen - W6RH - County Radio Officer provided the following comments:

This year ACS was nominated as one of the top Ventura County Emergency Preparedness Volunteer Programs of 2012 by the Ventura County Emergency Planning Council.

On December 12th, 2012, ACS was presented with the award for the top group in the county.

Many were considered, several were nominated, but ACS was selected as the best. We were chosen over national organizations, and groups with much higher budgets and visibility. Like some other forms of recognition, I believe this award is earned, and not won.

The Emergency Planning Council is an advisory body whose mission is to lead a unified effort in improving disaster preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery countywide. These efforts are achieved through a partnership of cooperation and collaboration with all levels of government, non-government and the private sector.

You can learn more about the EPC at this link.

Sheriff Dean presented the award, and is a supporter of our program.

The recognition by the EPC is a huge honor, and should make everyone that has worked to make ACS/ARES better and an effective emergency preparedness group proud.

When we have a permanent location for our county operations, the award will be displayed there.